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Orange County Is Obsessed With A Show About Business Law & Estate Planning

The disturbingly comedic television series Succession explores the morally egregious and absurd world of one of the richest and most powerful fictitious families in the United States. 

Reigning over his empire, the “King Lear” is Logan Roy, CEO of Waystar Royco, the patriarch who frequently expresses his contempt for his children, who he views as unfit successors.

It’s a tense and gripping journey from episode one, with the first scene showing that the days of the King of the castle are numbered. He is a disoriented senior struggling with his health. In subsequent scenes, audiences see the most tragically ambitious of the Roy sons high and hyped on the confidence that his father will bestow power and honor upon him at the family gathering, only for his father to announce that succession will not happen anytime soon.

Disaster and chaos ensue, as the future of the company hangs in as much volatility as their public stock value, and the children fight and undercut each other for control of their family’s company as well as their father’s affection. Each child’s efforts only further reveal their incompetence and arrested development, dissuading, rather than persuading, their father of any clearly fit heir. 

The show illustrates that the problem with relying on aging leaders is that they may lose their ability to form coherent thoughts or audible sentences. Adversary Sandy Furness arrives to needle the Roys in a wheelchair, conveying himself through his daughter, who the Roy children insultingly refer to as the elder Sandy’s “meat puppet”. Logan Roy’s missed dose of his UTI medication leads to babbling and hallucinations of a dead cat under his chair. 

Audiences around the world have been captivated and educated by the show. California, known for its hustle culture and entrepreneurship in places like Los Angeles, Orange County, and Silicon Valley, is obsessed with the show because of its similarities to real life. You need not be a kin or associate of the family of a billionaire in order to worry about your legal affairs and estate planning. Here is a firm that specializes in business litigation, real estate law, estate administration, wills, and trusts.

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An estate lawyer can help you ensure that your wishes are comprehensively documented in a will, a legally binding document that specifies how your assets will be distributed and who will be the executor of your estate.

Logan Roy sadly passed away on his private plane, pronounced dead on arrival. A guessing game ensues. Kendall Roy’s name is both somewhat underlined and somewhat crossed out, leaving nothing but confusion about what Logan Roy really wanted. 

Estate planning helps to prevent conflicts, which is exactly what does not happen among the Roy children. Their rivalry is further ignited as another killer swoops in. The finale ends with the children fighting, verbally and physically, as their failure to band together as a team leads to a vote to sell the company to a third party. 

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