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In the beginning of their journeys, many wanna-be entrepreneurs don’t realize how much of their hard work can be undone by a particularly litigious client or partner. Years of effort and progress can be erased over the course of a single trial, all because one ‘T’ was left uncrossed and an ‘I’ left undotted.

In other words, most beginning business owners don’t understand how close they will need to work with lawyers as their business begins growing. The laws regulating business are esoteric and labyrinthine, and to get through unscathed you need an interpreter and a guide.

For any aspiring or current entrepreneur in Orange County, the number of choices may seem daunting, but there is only one firm that specializes in business and estate law, with lawyers that we could recommend without hesitation: Burris Law offices. The firm, recently established in 2015, has been making waves as it successfully represents the interests of clients big and small across the county.

For as newly established as the firm is, they have been receiving an extraordinarily positive response from their clients. With 109 reviews on Yelp and a 5-star rating, the firm is certainly doing something right. Their testimonials on both Yelp and Google are positively glowing, each extolling the professionalism, diligence, and capability of the firm:

“For most people I would assume getting a lawyer is a scary thing… for me it surely was! Jason and his team were recommended by a mutual friend and I was of course leary because I just did not know what to expect. I was not excited to have to hire an attorney, I was scared and honestly just frightened that I did not know what to expect. I am SO THANKFUL that my friend recommended Jason and his team. They were KIND, HONEST and FAIR! I could tell from the jump start that they were there to help quickly and fairly. I always heard to be careful of attorneys who charge by the hour because they drag things on etc. Jason was so the opposite. He wanted to be financially “aware” for me which was so relieving from the start – I cant thank this team enough. They literally helped me in every way possible and I am beyond grateful. Getting a lawyer was scary but they definitely changed my perspective and made me humble to know that kind and honest people come into your life in the strangest ways sometimes. THANK YOU BURRIS LAW!”

“A Josso”, Google Review of Burris Law

“I had a great experience with Jason and Burris Law! I’ve never been in litigation of any kind in my last few years in Real Estate, and had been dreading working closely with an attorney when something inevitably would come up. Raissa and Jason completely changed my expectations on working with attorneys. Not only was Jason able to quickly and effectively get me out of trouble but was also easy to talk to and helped walk me through the entire ordeal. Jason works with Real Estate professionals that are at the top of the industry, and the fact that they turn to Burris Law says a lot about the work they do. Burris Law is the only firm I’ll go to. I’d HIGHLY recommend.”

Charlie Martinez, Google Review of Burris Law

If you are a new entrepreneur and are facing the treacherous world of business law on your own, you owe it to yourself to find some effective backup. Without proper representation during the crafting of a contract, or in the wake of its breaking, you may find yourself on the outs after years of now-wasted effort. Don’t let it happen to you, call Burris Law:

Burris Law


200 N Tustin Ave #110, Santa Ana, CA 92705