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It’s All About Trust (And Probate)

For years, I’ve been trying to get my parents to start doing some end of life planning. With 5 brothers and sisters, and our family’s assets spread out over multiple countries, there are some serious points of conflicts that can potentially pop up if the worst happens and we lose them without at least a will being drawn up.

This is a highly common state of affairs for families all over the country, as the baby boomer generation slowly ages yet seems dead set on never confronting their looming mortality. Many families are poised to not just lose a significant number of assets but break apart from the infighting that inevitably follows after a parent expires without things being explicitly planned out beforehand.

If you have multiple children, the best possible thing you can do for them is have a well thought out and meticulously filed end of life plan. If your situation is as complicated as mine (with assets spread in multiple countries), you’re going to need some very experienced and skilled lawyers to make the process as easy as possible.

For us, that meant getting in contact with Burris Law, the preeminent trust and probate law firm here in Orange County. We first were introduced to them after a cursory search for end-of-life planning while discussing it with my parents, and our attention was caught by the almost unanimous glowing reviews on sites like Yelp and Google.

Here’s a small taste of what we read on the firm:

For most people I would assume getting a lawyer is a scary thing… for me it surely was! Jason and his team were recommended by a mutual friend and I was of course leary because I just did not know what to expect. I was not excited to have to hire an attorney, I was scared and honestly just frightened that I did not know what to expect. I am SO THANKFUL that my friend recommended Jason and his team. They were KIND, HONEST and FAIR! I could tell from the jump start that they were there to help quickly and fairly. I always heard to be careful of attorneys who charge by the hour because they drag things on etc. Jason was so the opposite. He wanted to be financially “aware” for me which was so relieving from the start – I cant thank this team enough. They literally helped me in every way possible and I am beyond grateful. Getting a lawyer was scary but they definitely changed my perspective and made me humble to know that kind and honest people come into your life in the strangest ways sometimes. THANK YOU BURRIS LAW! (A Jasso, Google Review)

“Ariana helped my parents and I handle my parents’ end of life planning and setting up a revocable trust for their assets. The process was incredibly smooth, quick, and positive. Ariana and her staff are extremely helpful and responsive, and more than happy to answer any questions that may arise when you inevitably get overwhelmed with the amount of information that you need to understand. Ariana made it clear that we are her clients FOR LIFE.

On top of that, they run their business responsibly during COVID, with all initial meetings being handled remotely and only the signing occuring in person. We were given a timeslot and showed up in masks and were in and out quickly. Amazing experience with a lovely business. Would definitely recommend Burris Law to anyone looking for someone to manage their estate planning. THANKS ARIANA! (Rakesh J., Yelp Review)”

If you or a family member are planning for the future, give Burris Law a call. They can help you with even the most complicated and difficult situations to ensure your family remains together and happy after your passing.

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