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The Epidemic

Early this year, as the country began to shut off the lights and go into a deep and traumatic hibernation, a meme emerged regarding the corona virus shut-down and its effect on the birth rate in countries around the world. People began speculating that the shut down would cause a second baby boom as couples were forced indoors with nothing to do except…well, look to each other.

Instead, we’ve seen the opposite problem: couples are choosing to wait longer to have children and in fact many companies that manufacture and sell contraceptives have seen significant increases in the number of orders they fulfill. Not only that, but another industry has seen a boon to their business, in an effect we could call unsurprising…

Divorce attorneys from all over the country, but especially in the rigidly locked-down state of California, are reporting that their phones are ringing off the hook. Another popular meme that emerged during the lockdowns was that couples would either find that they’ve fallen for their spouse all over again or finally realize that their relationship is well and truly over.

Well, it certainly appears that a significant number have found the second part of that meme to be true. With couples forced to spend all of their time together, oftentimes in small, cramped studio or 1-bedroom apartments, many have realized that what they have just was not meant to go the distance.

With some sites reporting an uptick of 30% plus for divorce-related information, it’s clear that many of us are looking for an exit strategy from our current relationship. Whether it’s been a long time coming, or if the pandemic has opened your eyes to the truly disturbing habits of your partner, you’re going to want to make sure you have the best representation possible once you take the leap.

If you’re part of that California population desperately turning to Google to search how you can initiate divorce filings as your partner is winding up for yet another blow-out fight (and happen to be in the Orange County or South LA area), there is no firm we’d recommend more than Shuff Law Firm. Operating in family law for over 45 years, Shuff is second to none in terms of experience and quality, as their Yelp reviews can helpfully testify to:

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Over their near half century of practice, the Shuffs have seen every kind of case imaginable, from typical to unique in the extreme, so if you find yourself in a massive tangle of a divorce, don’t shy away from getting on the phone with them. They have helped their clients settle custody law cases, cross-border divorce proceedings, and every type of separation imaginable, all to their clients’ satisfaction.

It may be seen as a pretty significant failure on the part of our society that something as impactful and momentous as a deadly pandemic couldn’t even bring married couples together, let alone our society, but we’ll let the historians and philosophers sus that mess out. For those of us desperate for an out, there’s firms like Shuff that can give us the parachute we need.

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