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Lawyers For Us Divorce & Family Law How Financial Distress and Incompatibility Affect Married Couples During Stressful Times

How Financial Distress and Incompatibility Affect Married Couples During Stressful Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped human life by a considerable level. Although it has done a good thing by bringing families together as a result of the lockdown, this new normal has not proven to be beneficial for everyone. On one side where some partners have found a golden time to live together and understand each other better; others are forcibly living together. 

Most of the states have restricted the outdoor movements to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. People are completely isolated from wider communities and are instead in constant contact with the family. Schools, shops, and offices are shut down. It seems that the virus has gained more control over our life.

Beyond that, it has left some cracks in relationships. Studies reveal that the cases of divorce, domestic violence, and disdain between partners have increased during this pandemic. Santa Ana is no exception to this situation with some finding themselves in situations to consult a divorce lawyer. If you are looking for some details on how the pandemic has added bitterness in the life of married couples, we have a breakdown of a few major points:

Financial Distress

Many people have lost their jobs during the pandemic and many others are working at a reduced salary. In this scenario, the financial burden of life has increased. The stress falls more on the shoulders of families as they have more expenses that require their immediate attention. This feeling of financial distress has robbed the feeling of love from the life of couples. They are more worried about how to run the house instead of spending quality time with each other. The negativity and stress associated with financial instability often come out in the form of unnecessary fights among partners. If you feel like your relationship may be veering in a direction out of your control, it may be time to consult a custody attorney in Orange County

Incompatibility Issues

We often say that compatibility is a must among partners to maintain a happy life and marriage. In normal life, we rarely spend time together as we are highly occupied by work, social life, and other household responsibilities. On the other hand, this pandemic has given us more time to spend together. Although some people might see the good in their partners during this tough phase of life, many others are putting the negatives at the forefront of their relationship. As a result, the incompatibility issues have increased and couples are looking forward to separating and going their own ways. Even simple discussions between couples have become the basis of a fight due to the added stress.

Reduced Patience

There is no doubt that the current generation is experiencing reduced patience. As people are struggling more on financial and emotional grounds, conflicts are rising more and more. Being together 24/7 has increased the frequency of fights among couples when it comes to parenting styles, lack of intimacy, and household chores. They see the irresponsible behavior of each other and continue fighting about unnecessary topics due to stress and anxiety. The reality is that some couples will make it out of the pandemic and some won’t.

Furthermore, the partners with chronic illness are experiencing an added level of stress due to high vulnerability to coronavirus. The scenario has become tough and complicated. In these times, these couples are advised to practice patience with their partner. Instead of fighting over small matters, the solution is to discuss things with thoughtfulness and patience and be a team to resolve issues.

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