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Personal Injury Environmental Attorney & Paralegal Inspire Oscar-Winning Film

Erin Brockovich is an Oscar-winning 2000 biographical movie about the class action lawsuit against the Pacific Gas & Electric Company for toxic contamination of water in Hinkley, California. In her work as a legal assistant, Brockovich is reviewing a purchase offer for residential real estate by PG&E, questioning why medical records are included in the file. She discovers that the company has been providing a doctor to the residents of the home while contaminating their town’s water supply with hexavalent chromium. 

“Everywhere I was going in this little community, somebody had asthma, a complaint of a chronic cough, recurring bronchitis, recurring rashes, unusual joint aches, nosebleeds”

Erin Brockovich: the real story of the town three decades later

As Erin digs deeper, she uncovers the truth of how severely the contaminant has affected the health of its residents. In a scene of negotiation, the character inspired by Erin slams the opposing counsel’s offer, mentioning that the contamination has affected the uterus and spine of Hinkley residents. As one of the PG&E lawyers begins to take a sip of water from a glass, Erin’s character dryly says “we had that water brought in special for you folks.”

Hexavalent chromium was used to prevent rust in the cooling towers, stored in unlined ponds, which led to soil and water contamination. The class-action lawsuit was settled for $333 million in 1996. 

Environmental class action lawsuits involve a group of individuals who have suffered due to environmental pollution. Environmental harm that affects individuals is included in the broad category of personal injury law, which includes harm to individuals as a result of negligence that allows for the exposure of toxic substances to the general public.

Personal injury law seeks to legally rectify the harm that has been done to individuals as a result of the actions and negligence of others. Hinkley is unfortunately not the only place in California that has had environmental personal injury lawsuits. Investigators found San Diego Gas & Electric at fault for poorly maintained equipment which sparked fires that “combined to kill two people, injure 40 firefighters and destroy 1,300 homes” (Los Angeles Times).

Personal injuries can result from countless circumstances, leaving victims injured, traumatized, or dead. Victims suffer physically and emotionally, as well as financially due to the loss of income from being unable to work. If you or someone you loved has experienced harm due to another party’s negligence, hiring a personal injury attorney can be crucial in receiving the compensation you or your loved one legally deserves.

If you have insurance coverage, the process of filing a claim to secure adequate and timely compensation is often a complex process without a guaranteed settlement. A personal injury lawyer can help streamline the claims filing process. In some cases where insurance is not involved, the only legal recourse may be through a class action lawsuit or lawsuit. In cases that go to trial, a lawyer will tactfully fight for your case with witnesses and experts to provide testimony and evidence. 

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